Set Up HIPPA Compliant Email Using G Suite

If you’re dealing with Personal Health Information (PHI), and as therapists, we are, it’s important to use an email that is in compliance with HIPPA. There are more and more services offering HIPPA compliant email, but I recommend using Google’s G Suite. G Suite is Google’s set of really useful applications including Gmail, Google Drive (for storing and sharing files,) Google Docs and Calendar, which is offered for $5/month per user. G Suite is awesome for small businesses and making the Gmail component HIPPA compliant is relatively simple. Google offers step-by-step instructions for setting up your HIPPA compliant email.

Here’s how to set up HIPPA compliant email using G Suite

1. Sign up for a G Suite Account. G Suite uses an email associated with your domain (for example Google will walk you through the process of setting up and verifying your account and to create the email addresses you want. You will need access to your hosting account in order to complete the process. The current fee is $5/month per user. Here’s where to sign up: (Grab a 20% off Promo Code Here:

2. You will need to configure your website host to point toward Google’s Mail servers, and Google provides instructions as to how to do this for your particular hosting company. Go to this link and click on your host for specific instructions:

3. Once you have your email set up, you will need to make it HIPPA compliant by signing a Business Associate Agreement with Google. Here’s how to do this:

For more information about HIPPA Compliance with G Suite:

And here is Google’s Guide to HIPPA Compliance Implementation:

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